Tuesdays | 10:30AM
Join pastors, staff and First Lutheran friends for a time of coffee and prayer. Click on the following link to join us via Zoom:
Monday, June 22 | 5:30-7:00pm | First Lutheran Church Parking Lot
1st & 3rd Sundays Monthly | 8:30am Facebook Live Worship
The church is anywhere people gather in Jesus’ name. Even though we may not physically gather in a church building, we continue to gather as the Christian church. When you gather in Jesus’ name, your home is church, too.
Holy Communion is a special meal we celebrate when we worship. The bread and wine are mysteriously the real presence of Jesus Christ. We trust that Jesus is really with us in this meal.
When we cannot gather physically for worship due to an emergency such as COVID-19, it is acceptable to celebrate Holy Communion in the home. We believe the meal is celebrated after God’s Word is heard while listening to our online worship service.
To celebrate virtual communion with us, prepare a space for the meal of Holy Communion. Just as we do at church, consider setting out your best dishes because this is the most special meal we share. Churches often use unleavened bread to recall the Israelites hurried exodus from Egypt, however, any bread will do. You may set out a small cup of wine or grape juice. Light a candle or two, and you have an altar.
Small groups will look different in the coming weeks. We are working with group leaders to provide tools to virtually meet your needs. is a great way to connect virtually. Please click on the link provided below for instructions on how to use Zoom or contact Greg Tvrdik at