5.17.24 Update – Congregational Meeting Set for Sunday, June 9, 2024
The Call Committee & Church Council are excited to announce that they have approved a candidate to be called as our Pastor of Intergenerational Ministry. Come to learn more about the candidate and cast your vote.
8.13.23 Update – Part-Time Pastor of Congregational Care Position Filled
Pastor Megan Preston has accepted the call to be First Lutheran’s part-time Pastor of Congregational Care. She will begin her role on Tuesday, September 5th. Please keep Pastor Megan and her family in your prayers as they close their current chapter and begin their move to Alexandria.
4.30.23 Update – Seeking Rostered Minister Nominations & Interview Stage
The Call Committee continues to be in the interview stage of the Call Process.  While we have had a number of interviews with candidates, we have not reached a final candidate for either position.  We are appreciative of the nominations that we received previously, however they did not result in any candidates entering our call process.  Therefore, the Call Team is still seeking rostered minister nominations.  Please nominate a potential candidate by clicking here or by emailing their contact information (Name, location serving, email and/or phone number) to haleykalina@gmail.com.  Nominated candidates will be contacted by the synod staff to determine their availability for call.  Please continue to pray for our future pastors, the call process, and this exciting time for our congregation. 
3.26.23 Update – Interview Phase
The FLC Call Team continues to work diligently to find the best fits for our two open pastoral positions-Pastor of Intergenerational Ministry & Pastor of Congregational Care!  All nominations that came from within our congregation have been followed up on by the Synod.  We are grateful for the time that members took to submit names.  We are currently in the interview phase with candidates.  We understand and share in the excitement of this process – please pray for our future pastors, the Call Team and the discernment of all involved.
11.23.22 Update – Seeking Rostered Minister Nominations
The Call Committee is seeking nominations of potential pastoral candidates for our open positions. Please consider nominating a potential candidate by clicking HERE. Nominated candidates will be contacted by synod staff to determine their availability for call. Please contact a Call Committee member with any questions.
Pastoral Positions We’re Seeking
After spending time discerning the needs of our congregation, our leadership has decided to move forward in searching for the following two pastoral positions.
Pastor of Congregational Care (Part Time) – FILLED as of July 30, 2023
This pastor would be a Minister of Word and Sacrament, involved in preaching, liturgy, baptisms, communion, weddings, and funerals. This role’s main focus is providing excellent care for our congregation, with intentional outreach to those facing health issues, loss, or other personal struggles. This pastor would lead and coordinate care team efforts, support groups, and ministry at senior living facilities. A key responsibility will be to develop teams and train lay leaders for caring ministry in order to expand our capacity for support and care. 
Pastor of Intergenerational Ministry (Full Time)
This pastor would be a Minister of Word and Sacrament, involved in preaching, liturgy, baptisms, communion, weddings, and funerals. This role’s main focus is fostering connections between generational ministries from children through seniors. A key responsibility will be to develop a strong young adult ministry, along with facilitating the implementation of a Family Life Administrator position in order to grow and expand our opportunities for families. 
Call Process
Our staff and council has and will continue to collaborate with the synod for direction and guidance surrounding the call process. This is a unique call process as this team will have the opportunity to search for both of the pastors we are seeking. The steps of the process include:
1. Completion of the Ministry Site Profile – this describes our church and the positions we’re seeking to interested candidates. 
2. Receive applications.
3. Call team conducts interviews.
4. Call team makes recommendation(s) to the council.
5. The council votes for approval.
6. Staff and congregational meetings take place.
7. The congregation votes for approval. 
Call Team
The call team consists of seven members from our congregation who are actively involved in ministry and represent diverse life stages, involvement, and preferred worship styles. Learn more about each of them below.
Barb Golden
Jerry Hansen
Gene Hartwig
Haley Kalina
Brandy Quam
Carter Rush
Jeff Winter
How can you help?
-Pray for the call team, their wisdom and discernment.
-Pray for the process, that it works well, deepens our unity, and expands our ministry.
-Pray God brings just the right people to join our ministry at First Lutheran Church.
-Spread the word with your network that we’re seeking these pastoral positions.
-Let us know if you know anyone who may be interested or who you think would be a great fit. 
Questions or Insights?
We encourage you to ask questions, your voice and input are important to us. Please use the link HERE to submit questions or feedback.