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FLY (First Lutheran Youth)

The goal of youth ministry is to foster relationship building between students and God and their peers. Programming is available for kids ages 3-18 years.

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Small Groups

There are several small groups that meet regularly. See what might be a good fit for you!


There are lots of ways to get involved through service activities. Take a peek to learn more!



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Learn more about musical opportunities and how to get involved!


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We are passionate about creating a hospitable place for everyone. See how you can join the fun!

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We all have a special role in being part of the body of Christ, and we’d love for you to join us here at First Lutheran!


Interested in joining our team? Click below to see what employment opportunities we have available.

One-Year Bible Reading Plan

Do you want to read, understand, and love scripture? Join us any time for this one-year chronological reading plan called The Bible Recap.